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Ingredient functions


Functions Definitions
AbrasiveAids the removal of a variety of soils/stains through mechanical action
AbsorbentAbsorbs water or other substances
AdditiveEnsures desirable product properties.
AdhesiveSubstances that bind surfaces to each other.
Alkalinity SourceIncreases the alkalinity of the product to aid dissolution of dirt.
(EN:Alkalinity Source)
Anticaking AgentPrevents the formation of lumps in the product.
(EN:Anticaking Agent)
Antidandruff AgentControls dandruff.
(EN:Antidandruff Agent)
Antifoaming AgentSuppresses the formation of excess foam during production and/or consumer use.
(EN:Antifoaming Agent)
Antimicrobial AgentAdded to cosmetic products to help reduce the activities of micro-organisms on the skin or body.
(EN:Antimicrobial Agent)
AntioxidantInhibits the product reacting with oxygen, which can cause product spoilage.
Antiperspirant AgentThe active component that reduces perspiration.
(EN:Antiperspirant Agent)
Anti-redeposition AgentPrevents dirt in the wash solution being re-deposited on the clothes.
(EN:Anti-redeposition Agent)
Antistatic Agent Prevents static charges on human surfaces e.g. skin/hair or on clothes.
(EN:Antistatic Agent )
Astringent Induces a tightening or a tingling sensation on the skin.
(EN:Astringent )
BinderSubstances which provide adhesive properties so that the solids stick together e.g tablets, eye shadow.
Bleach CatalystBoosts the performance of the bleach component, and making it effective at lower temperatures.
(EN:Bleach Catalyst)
Bleach PrecursorReacts in the wash to form a bleaching substance.
(EN:Bleach Precursor)
BotanicalsIngredients derived from plants e.g. Aloe Vera.
Buffering AgentAdjusts or stabilises the acidity/alkalinity of a product.
(EN:Buffering Agent)
BuilderReduces the effect of water hardness by binding calcium and magnesium ions
Bulking AgentIncreases the volume of a product through dilution, so that it can be applied at the correct concentration.
(EN:Bulking Agent)
ColourantColours the skin/hair and/or the product.
Cooling AgentMakes the skin feel cooler.
(EN:Cooling Agent)
Corrosion InhibitorPrevents corrosion of the packaging
(EN:Corrosion Inhibitor)
DenaturantMakes an alcohol-containing product taste very bitter, rendering it unpalatable.
Deodorant Agent Reduces or masks unpleasant body odours.
(EN:Deodorant Agent )
Dye Transfer InhibitorHelps prevent "free dye" in the wash water being re-deposited on the clothes.
(EN:Dye Transfer Inhibitor)
EmulsifierUsed in small quantiities that help to form or stabilize immiscible liquids in an emulsion.
Emulsion StabiliserImproves stability of an emulsion and increases shelf life of product.
(EN:Emulsion Stabiliser)
EnzymeSpecialist ingredients which remove specific types of stains at lower temperatures e.g. fats, egg, blood.
Enzyme StabiliserPrevents deactivation of enzymes in liquid detergents
(EN:Enzyme Stabiliser)
Evaporation AidHelps the product dry faster after application.
(EN:Evaporation Aid)
Exfoliating AgentHelps remove dead skin cells from the surface.
(EN:Exfoliating Agent)
Fabric Conditioner AgentSoftens/conditions the fabric.
(EN:Fabric Conditioner Agent)
Fabric Lubricating AgentLubricates the fibres of the fabrics and gives benefits such as making ironing easier.
(EN:Fabric Lubricating Agent)
Film FormerMakes product form a uniform film when applied to a surface
(EN:Film Former)
Fixing AgentMaintains the hold/shape of a hair style.
(EN:Fixing Agent)
FlavourImprove the taste of oral hygiene and lipstick products.
FragranceMakes the product smell nice in the packaging and during use.
Hair Conditioning AgentEnhances the appearance and texture of the hair and facilitates styling. Conditioning agents will also improve gloss, sheen and  texture of damaged hair.
(EN:Hair Conditioning Agent)
Hair - Waving/Straightening AgentModifies hair fibres to facilitate configurational changes.
(EN:Hair - Waving/Straightening Agent)
HumectantHolds/retains water in the product, and/or increases the moisture content in the top layers of the skin.
HydrotropeIncreases the solubilty of the detergent in the product.
OpacifierReduces the transparency/transluscency of a product, may give a pearly appearance.
Optical BrightenerMakes products or washed fabrics look brighter and whiter.
(EN:Optical Brightener)
Oral Care AgentProvides e.g.cleansing, deodorising and protection to the oral cavity
(EN:Oral Care Agent)
Oxidising AgentIn detergents stains are removed by oxidation (bleaching). In cosmetics they are used to remove hair colourants or stabilise the hair after perming.
(EN:Oxidising Agent)
PearlescerGives sheen to a liquid, which can be seen as flow lines when poured.
pH AdjusterAdjusts the acidity/alkalinity of products.
(EN:pH Adjuster)
PlasticizerReduces brittleness and modifies flow properties.
PreservativeProtects products from microbial growth and spoilage from accidental contamination by the consumer during use.
Process by-productProduced as a technically unavoidable result of the manufacturing process.
(EN:Process by-product)
PropellantDelivers the product from an aerosol.
Reducing AgentChanges the chemical nature of another substance by adding hydrogen or removing oxygen.
(EN:Reducing Agent)
Regeneration SaltRegenerates the water softener in a machine dishwasher.
(EN:Regeneration Salt)
SequestrantPrevents free metal ions from causing any adverse effects on product performance, appearance, or stability by reacting with them.
Skin Conditioning AgentHelp to keep the skin soft, smooth, pliable and healthy looking.
(EN:Skin Conditioning Agent)
Skin Lightening AgentLightens the shade of the skin.
(EN:Skin Lightening Agent)
Skin ProtectantProtects the skin from the influences of the external environment.
(EN:Skin Protectant)
Slip ModifierEnhances the physical flow characteristics of the product.
(EN:Slip Modifier)
Softness ExtenderImproves the effectiveness of a softening agent.
(EN:Softness Extender)
SolubiliserImproves the solubility of one or more product ingredients.
Solvent Dissolves other ingredients/materials.
(EN:Solvent )
Spray ModifierModifies the spray characteristics of a spray.
(EN:Spray Modifier)
Stabilising AgentMaintains ingredient or formulation stability.
(EN:Stabilising Agent)
StructurantGives form or shape to final products.
Sunscreen AgentFilters out harmful UV rays.
(EN:Sunscreen Agent)
Surface ModifiersChange the physical characteristics of the surface.
(EN:Surface Modifiers)
SurfactantChanges the surface tension of water to assist cleansing, wetting surfaces, foaming and emulsifying (the suspension of one liquid evenly within another).
Suspending AgentAids the even dispersal of a solid within a liquid.
(EN:Suspending Agent)
SweetenerMakes dental products taste sweeter.
Tablet DisintegrantMakes the tablet disintegrate faster so that the active ingredients are working immediately
(EN:Tablet Disintegrant)
UV AbsorberFilters UV rays to protect the product or skin/hair from UV damage.
(EN:UV Absorber)
Viscosity Controlling AgentControls the thickness of the product.
(EN:Viscosity Controlling Agent)